Full-automatic sterile brick-type packaging machine

Product Detail


It applies to sterilization by liquid UHT milk and a variety of non-carbonated drinks, fruit juice, coffee, plant protein drinks, tea drinks, wine etc. gravity of aseptic packaging of liquid food, the machine uses all stainless steel materials, core components All of a world-class brand, auto-complete feed, sterilization, filling, forming, packaging in the form of paper aluminum composite brick.


Device Model: GC-Z-V1-6000 type, GC-Z-V2-6000 type, GC-Z-V3-6000 type, GC-Z-V5-6000 type
(And the original GC-Z-V6-6000 compared to less)
Production capacity: 6000 boxes /h
Filling capacity:250ml、250ml、200ml、125ml
Filling heads: 1
Packing: paper aluminum composite brick
Aseptic bag Shelf life: The paper aluminum composite film at room temperature at 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, the shelf life of six months or more
Control: PLC HMI
Working pressure:≥0.6 MPa
Total power:35KW
Total weight:4500KG

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